Alchem Diagnostics

Alchem Diagnostics

Alchem Diagnostics

Ram Nagar, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Medical Products

We are a distinguished manufacturer and supplier of medical products and includes diagnostic and research disposable products. With our range of hospital & laboratory medical products, pathological medical products, diagnostic products and research disposable products, we are serving the need of Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry. Our range of medical products is manufactured using quality polystyrene, borosilicate silica and quartz glass ware that are procured from reliable vendors. These products are appreciated by our clients for their precision finish, hygienic treatment and well-defined measurement scales.

Our product range comprises of petri dish, disposable petri dish, stool concentrator, urine container, blood collection vacuum tubes, DNA isolation kits, esr pipette, sterile swab with tube, stool container, storage vials and screw cap tubes.

Biovac Blood Collection Tubes

Non Vac Blood Collection Tubes

Specimen Containers

Disposable ESR Pipette

Diagnostic Products

Blood Collection Tubes

Stool Specimen Containers

Disposable Petri Dish

DNA Isolation Kits

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DNA Isolation Kits

Vacuum Blood Collection Tube


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Cosmetic Dermatology, Trichology and Hair Transpla

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